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Special Counsel investigation

Democrats release information that destroys the Nunes memo

Special Counsel investigation

Bending Toward Justice: What Rick Gates’ plea deal means for the Russia investigation

Voting rights

National popular vote could get closer to reality thanks to Connecticut


Trump threatens to pull ICE agents and border patrol from California. Bring it on.

Opioid crisis

Opioid toll hits record high in Maine, drawing criticism of GOP governor

Criminal justice

Greitens indicted: Missouri gov blames liberal investigators and a bizarre conspiracy


Pennsylvania Republicans aren’t taking the new map very well

Criminal justice

Policing the police: Cleveland law enforcement left hundreds of rape kits untested


Swastikas found in snow outside UConn dormitory

Special Counsel investigation

Who is Rick Gates? Paul Manafort associate to plead guilty


The puzzling case of DCCC vs. Laura Moser, TX-7 candidate