Our mission at 50 States of Blue

Welcome to 50 States of Blue, a national hub for local news and progressive politics from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

50 States of Blue offers fresh, authentic, intelligent voices who can give an insider’s perspective on what’s really going down in local progressive politics and activism.

Our state correspondents actually live in the communities they’re writing about. They have diverse backgrounds and experiences: some are newsroom veterans, while others are activists, academics, or engaged citizens who might be brand-new to journalism.

What they all have in common, however, is a passion for social justice, civic engagement, responsible storytelling, and speaking truth to power.  

What’s Local is National

These perspectives are more vital now than ever. Local news coverage is in decline across the United States. Democrats are still struggling to recover from their devastating losses over the past decade, which came about in no small part because the party started prioritizing national politics at the expense of local.

Donald Trump’s election, ironically, helped make local politics great again. His victory shocked many into realizing that change isn’t going to make itself, and that it has to start in our own backyards. New surges of activist energy and local engagement are already propelling Democrats and progressives to major electoral gains, and the 2018 midterm elections could be a game-changer for both local and national politics.

This remarkable moment deserves to be documented, and the issues of this movement deserve to be elevated. But it also deserves credibility and transparency, not cheap shots or partisan hackery.

Our Values and Guiding Principles

50 States of Blue is founded on both strong progressive values and strong journalistic values.

As progressives, we believe in challenging and changing unjust power structures. As journalists, we believe in holding powerful people accountable and promoting the public interest.

These two sets of values intersect in many important ways. We see them as complementary, not contradictory. Both require examining power structures and challenging power players. Both are fundamentally democratic, egalitarian, and devoted to serving the public. Both require a lot of difficult and diligent work to pull off successfully.

And both are under assault in the Trump era.

Points of View Matter

We believe in fairness, accuracy, transparency, and truth, including truths that may be uncomfortable. But we don’t believe in false equivalence, and we don’t believe that a detached, “view from nowhere” air of objectivity is necessarily the best way to serve the public or promote good storytelling.

50 States of Blue unapologetically embraces points of view, especially those of our correspondents. Their personal experiences, political insights, and community connections are tremendously valuable and can’t be found elsewhere.

Our goal is to publish work that is deeply trustworthy, including to people who disagree with us — not because it avoids taking sides or making statements, but because it is always grounded in facts, informed opinions, observations, and critical self-reflection.

We’re incredibly excited to launch this project and watch it grow, and we hope you’ll join us on the journey.