Utah: It’s not what you think it is

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Photo: Utah.com

Utah is known by many as the reddest state in the nation, but we have a stripe of blue.

Yes, our national seats are red, but we of the blue have held our ground, winning local elections and state legislature seats. In fact, Mia Love, our Republican Congresswoman, is on the verge of losing her seat to a Democrat. (Stay tuned!)

I’m Tracie Parry, your Utah Correspondent. I have the experience of going to college in rural Southern Utah at Dixie State University, and I now live in Salt Lake City, the state capital. I have knowledge of rural, suburban, and urban Utah. Few news sources cover rural Utah; one of my goals here is to pay attention to it.

Utah was never strictly in Trump’s pocket. Only two counties—Salt Lake and Summit—went to Hillary. But more than 20% of the state voted for Evan McMullin, a former CIA operations officer (and a Mormon). In Utah, many still believe that values matter in politics, and Trump has proven himself to have none.

I’m going to bring you issues that matter to both suburban and rural Utahns, to people raising children and people who aren’t. We’re going to explore the state legislature and issues that affect Utahns day-to-day.

Come explore Utah with me. You’ll see we’re more complex than you’d think.