PODCAST: Interview with Laura Moser, TX-7 candidate; the week in gun control

Another week, another podcast highlighting a 2018 candidate looking to turn the country blue.

Hosts Howard Megdal and Emily Crockett chat with Laura Moser, Democratic activist, journalist and now candidate to turn TX-7 blue. The district is one of 23 Hillary Clinton won in 2016 but Republicans won in the House, and Moser took time from her door-to-door canvassing to tell us how her unapologetic progressive outlook is playing in an R+7 district, according to the Cook Political Report.

Also, Howard and Emily talk about what has happened since the Parkland massacre in the gun conversation, and why there’s reason for optimism both in the minimum people can expect government to do in the coming weeks, and the long-term prognosis for fundamental change of our nation’s gun laws.

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