Utah’s family values should include protections for breastfeeding mothers

Photo: Daniel Garzon Herazo/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Many mothers don’t breastfeed in public, even when their baby is hungry. But soon breastfeeding in public may be legal in Utah, and discrimination against pregnant women and breastfeeding in public may be illegal.

On Thursday HB196, the Breastfeeding Protection Act, passed out of committee in the Utah House. It was sponsored by Rep. Justin L. Fawson (R–Ogden) and Sen. Deidre M. Henderson (R–Spanish Fork).

Across the country, many people find it inappropriate for a woman to breastfeed in public. This is true despite the fact that a baby needs to eat when their body tells them to, and it may tell them to eat while the baby and its mother are in public.

Protecting the family is a Utah value — it’s part of who we are as Utahns. Protecting mothers and babies is part of that value.

The Breastfeeding Protection Act is an example of the Utah Legislature doing something good. Unfortunately, they don’t always get it right. I’ll be addressing that in future posts.

What do you think about women breastfeeding in public? Should it be protected by law?