As PA-18 goes down to the wire, more good poll news for Lamb

Photo: Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Latest poll shows Democrat Conor Lamb winning in Pennsylvania special election

The last two weeks of news in the Pennsylvania 18th district special election have been nearly all good for Democrat Conor Lamb and bad for Republican Rick Saccone. Lamb has out-fundraised his opponent by a significant margin, and it certainly appears that the Democrat has the momentum in the race — with recent pieces in Politico and Bloomberg News featuring Washington Republicans in and out of the Trump administration trashing Saccone’s performance as a candidate.

A Lamb win would serve as a rebuke to President Trump, in a district he carried by nearly 20 points that is very much thought of as “Trump Country.” But for all of Lamb’s momentum, recent polls in the race — which up until a couple of weeks ago favored Saccone by as much as double digits — have been pretty even of late. An Emerson College poll earlier this week had Lamb ahead by 3 points, while another poll from Gravis Marketing had Saccone up by that same margin, although both were within the margin for error.

But another new poll has better news for the Democrat. Lamb leads by four points, 48-44, according to a poll released Friday by RABA Research, and first reported by Talking Points Memo. That poll puts Lamb’s lead outside of the margin for error.

Those polled by RABA also disapprove of President Trump’s performance in office by 48-44.

In other #PA18 news, with the Trump tax cut and comparing-Lamb-to-Nancy-Pelosi lines of attack failing to much dent Lamb’s popularity, those on the pro-Saccone side have tried a different tack: Comparing Lamb to Kim Jong Un.

According to the ad from the joyful gay-bashers from the Family Research Council and their FRC Action organization, Lamb’s opposition to a 20-week abortion ban puts him in league with the only other countries that allow such abortions, such as China and North Korea, therefore putting Lamb in league with Kim Jong Un:

The ad fails to acknowledge that allowing abortions after 20 weeks (the midpoint of pregnancy, before a fetus is viable outside the womb) is currently the status quo and the law of the land — although at least they didn’t compare him to convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell this time.

And finally, the Democratic Coalition’s Scott Dworkin came up with some horrifying, and in some cases hilarious, opposition research on Rick Saccone.

Here’s Saccone calling for a voter ID law:

Here are Saccone’s comments — which reportedly rankled Kellyanne Conway — about how the opioid epidemic isn’t the government’s responsibility:

And here’s Saccone leaning heavily into the “clinging to guns and religion” trope:

Donald Trump visits the district on Saturday to help Saccone, although it’s hard to remember the last time one of his rallies helped out someone who wasn’t him.