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Dylan Moran


Georgia House approves pension hike for themselves while mulling teacher pension cuts

At midnight on the last day to submit legislation for the current session, the Georgia State House of Representatives approved a bill to boost the pensions of state legislators, allowing the bill to advance to the State Senate when the assembly resumes.┬áThe…

Georgia GOP candidate for governor proposes ‘criminal alien database’


Draw It Yourself: A Fair Georgia Map

Gun violence
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Georgia defies the FBI by allowing mentally ill people to buy guns after 5 years

Gun violence
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Armed teacher fires shots in Georgia school, barricades self in classroom

Gun violence

Georgia Lt. Governor chooses modest NRA discount over free enterprise

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A Yankee in Dixieland: Introducing Georgia correspondent Dylan Moran

Criminal justice
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The week in civil rights: Two victories in the South

Legal news
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Bending Toward Justice: Some states will do anything to overturn Roe v. Wade

State government
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Stacey Abrams: The right candidate for a new Georgia

State legislature
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Population growth could make a blue Georgia in 2020