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Criminal justice

Policing the police: Cleveland law enforcement left hundreds of rape kits untested

Draw a District

Draw It Yourself: Ohio fair congressional map, part 2

Reproductive health

How the Ohio Supreme Court is helping Gov. Kasich whittle away abortion rights


Ohio real estate executive calls out Donald Trump with provocative banners

Legal news

Bending Toward Justice: Some states will do anything to overturn Roe v. Wade

Criminal justice

After more than a decade, Brazil extradites woman to Ohio for murder trial of Air Force Major husband

Reproductive health

Cleveland’s black community has strong feelings about new abortion billboards

Legal news

Bending Toward Justice: Supreme Court to hear argument Wednesday in Ohio voter purge case

Drug policy

Ohio scrambles to address drug woes amid medical marijuana lawsuits and opioid addiction

State/local courts

Kasich sets sights on Republican to replace lone Ohio Supreme Court Democrat

Income Inequality

Ohioans heed call for moral revival of Poor People’s Campaign